Microsoft eBook

Microsoft eBook
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File type called LIT, whole name is literature, is format created by Microsoft. Its base is extended .chm format (Microsoft Compressed HTML). Its main task is to create electronic books. As it is written above its based on .chm file type, which gives him several abilities. He has great support of HTML, XML and CSS. At least but not the last he can use .jpg, .gif or .png files.

He was especially developed for Microsoft Reader application by the company with the same name. For the first time these readers were released in 2000, with them this file format come into the world. His development was continuing until 2007. It was mostly used on pocked devicit until 2009, however the readers together with this format were decommissioned in 2012.

There are any applications that can open this file format, which means that the only way to open these files is to transfer into another format.

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