Shanda Bambook eBook or Samsung Galaxy S-Note

Shanda Bambook eBook or Samsung Galaxy S-Note
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SNB is text format creating documents for Samsung mobile phones. These files can be created especially in applications on these smartphones. The main advantage of this format is that he can save audio and video recordings, pictures and the text itself. Next bonus is his ability to be transferred across devices and be read there. It often uses synchronization done via Google Drive, moreover there´s a chance to view these files on desktop with Windows. Files saved in this file format can be reformatted to JPG or PDF formats. Also it can be moved to ZIP file.

To open and view files saved in this file type you can use program S Note created by company called Samsung. One of the pros of this application is that it isn´t too demanding and above it can be obtained for free. The only disadvantage is that it is available only for Windows 7.

The same extension is used by Shanda Bambook eBook format. It is type of files especially created for Chinese reader of e-books created by Nut Shell Electronics. This company is subsidiary company of Shanda Corporation. In fact it is EPUB format. Although it is originally Chinese reader, it has great representation in USA.

This file format supports only few readers, because it is especially created for Bambook readers. But the advantage of it is that they can be reformatted to any other file format, which can be easily opened. Without reformatting you can read this file format on desktops. To do it you just need application called Calibre, which can be obtained for free. The main advantage of this format is his ability to read tens of other formats, it also supports formats like ODT or DOCX.

The best way to open these files is to get program Calibre, which is available for free.

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