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File type with extension .ps is fully known as PostScript. It is graphical format, which was designed and developd by Adobe Systems Inc. It was developd to create format that would be able to use on every device where it is viewed. That makes him very quality format. Originally it was used as programming language for document printing, later on it has become very useful due to its picture saving from where comes its use. To this day it is used in more expensive printers as standard. Its alternative is format PCL, which means Printer Command Language that was developed by company named HP, but it hasn´t enforce. This format was developed in 1985 by Adobe Systems. Adobe Systems also developed similar formats, for example .pdf that partially replaces .ps format.

From PostScript is derived Encapsulated PostScript .eps., which serves for saving of every graphics (raster, vector or combined). To view files saved in this format it´s best to use program Ghostscript, which is available for free.

We can convert ps into the following formats