Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics
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This file format whose whole name is Scalable Vector Graphics. In fact it is markup language, which using XML file describes graphic. It uses vector graphics and it is planned with its default use in HTML5 in future, where it would work as open vector file type. The main advantage is that HTML5 can show files in this file type.

It was created on 4th September, 2001 by W3C and its latest version was released in August, 2011. It is derived from XML and moreover it is open format. Besides the advantage of implementation into HTML5, there are many more pros. First of all there is size of files. This size is caused by no need of remembering every pixel in the picture. This format remembers all geometrical objects and it uses them to complete the final picture. It is also easily transferable.

To open files in this file format you can use program Draw, Inkscape or even web browsers, for example Opera or Firefox. Besides that, even Microsoft Internet Explorer supports it. To open files in this file format you´ve got to download

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