7-Zip Compressed File

7-Zip Compressed File
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Format 7z is compression format developed originally for application 7 – Zip. To the main pros of this format belongs multiple compression of certain file, reformatting and compression on her own, which is very effective. We can also mention ability to save enormous data. Format 7z is able to save file size of 17 GB. Moreover format is open and it is not permitted to do any modifications. Due to it there can be better compression algorithms.

First version was released on 1999 together with 7-Zip. Russian programmer Igor Pavlov created it. Since that it has got many updated. The latest version of 7 – Zip is 9.2, but there is new version 9.33 coming.

To open these files we can use one of many programs. First of all there is program 7 – Zip for what it was developed. To the main advantages belongs its ability to open other compression file types than 7z. For example these are formats RAR, NTFS, ARJ, CAB, etc. There is also better compression algorithm and that´s the reason why are these files 2 – 10% smaller. The other program is WinRaR, which is not for free, but it has got its 30 day trial version. The best way is to use 7 – Zip.

We can convert 7z into the following formats