Bzip UNIX Compressed File

Bzip UNIX Compressed File
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File format known as BZip is compression file format. It is mainly used in operating systems based on Linux, where it is allowed to create these files in explorer. To compare it with GZIP it is much more slower, but the advantage of it is that it has high compression ratio. It is using Run-Length Encoding together with compression algorithm known as Burrows – Wheeler algorithm. The main minus is it can´t compress several files at the same time. Due to it all files must be archived into one file using another format for example TAR and then they can be compressed using BZ file format to lower their size.

Today it is not so much used, because it was replaced by its newer version – BZIP2. The difference between them is not big. BZ or BZIP uses arithmetic coding. It has better compression abilities, but it is protected by patents. This is why it was changed for Huffman´s coding. Applications that can handle these file format are programmed to be able to use its newest version. It is BZ2. Between programs, which can be included there belongs 7 – Zip. It can easily edit, create or only view these files. Then we can place there application called WinRaR, which can simply do almost everything with this file format as 7 – Zip. Both of them are available for free, but WinRaR has its own trial version, but it can be used almost forever. To open, edit or modify these files you can use program 7 – Zip.

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