Tape Archive File

Tape Archive File
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File format TAR is archive and compression format. Its whole name is Tape Archive. The main use of this file format is on platform Linux, but we can also find it on Windows. It was used on tape drives, but today is its use completely different. The main use is in connecting files that’s due to compress them by another file format. For example with GZIP file format.

First use was in operating system GNU and in program star, which was created in 1982 by Jörg Schiling. In its time it was very useful program, because it could reach the speed of 14 MB/s, which is awesome, if you imagine that floppy disks had only size of 2.88 MB.

To open these files you can use program 7 – Zip. It is able to unpack these files and even create them. Besides it, there is application WinRaR. Both of these programs are available for free, only WinRAR has certain conditions. We recommend using 7 – Zip to create and modify these files with .tar extension.

We can convert tar into the following formats