CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format

CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format
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GIF is file format with .gif extension. It is also known as Graphics Interchange Format. It is graphical format that is using raster graphic. Its main use is on the internet or was on the internet. That was due to its low requirements, ability to create animations and there were low demands on size. But it has one big disadvantage and its number of colors is limited to 256, which causes several problem at many pictures, which contain any other one of these colors.

This file type was announced in 1987. Two years later company CompuServer released upgraded version of this file format, which added many things for example animation delay. This version was tagged as 89a. In these times it was one of the most used formats for viewing datas on web pages. It is simple format, which can be opened by casual programs. We can present causal Picture viewer for Windows. Alternative of this format is file format known as .png, which is also graphical format of raster pictures. But unlike this format it has bigger compression of data, moreover quality is not so affected by compression and it´s not limited for only 256 colors format.

To view files saved in this file format, you should use program known as Picture Viewer, which can be found in Windows. There is no need to download third party software.

We can convert gif into the following formats