Joint Photographic Experts Group

Joint Photographic Experts Group
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Files with .jpg extension are graphic files. Its whole name is Joint Photographic Experts Group, it is called after the group of developers, who is behind its creation. It is graphical format using raster graphics. Especially it is used for digital pictures, it is often used in digital cameras. It has also several extensions, which are used. We can nominate few of them – .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, etc. It is used today particularly on the internet, because it is default file type for saving and containing photos that´s due to its demands on size. And this is only one of many advantages of this format. Against it, there are several disadvantages. For example, it cannot create transparent background, image quality deteriorates during the compression plot and it creates pixelated pictures while zooming.

First version was released in 1992, since that it has got many updates. At an earlier time there were big problems with this file format. That was due patent owning of this file format. Similar formats to JPG format are for PNG or GIF. While comparing PNG, which is much more better, with JPG, its size demands were lowered, but its compression ratio isn´t gaining the same levels and that´s why JPG is more often used on web pages.

To open files saved in this format you only need program named Picture Viewer, which can be found in your Windows operating system and almost in any other operating system.

We can convert jpg into the following formats