Portable Network Graphics

Portable Network Graphics
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File type known as PNG is graphical file format that is using raster graphic. The whole name is Portable Network Graphics and its main advantage is use of 16 million of colors. This allows this format to be better than format GIF, which is very similar to PNG but can only handle 256 colors. It has another pro and that´s lossless compression. This causes lower size of files without lowering quality. The only disadvantage is that it is not able to create animations. However they are supported in GIF.

Creation of this file format was done in 1994 when GIF format was in stage called pay to use. Companies Unisys and CompuServer were after its creation. On 16th January company CompuServer decided to start creation of its own format, which was called GIF24. This basically allowed almost everything that can nowadays PNG do. During development of this file format was created new one, which was originally PBF – Portable Bitmap Format. This allowed use without license and it could easily win over other used formats. Later on was this format renamed as PNG and it is used to the present.

For its viewing we can use many programs. Majority of these programs are included in operating systems. For system Windows we can speak about Picture Viewer, which is part of the system. Out of it, there is a lot of other programs, we can mention GIMP or Adobe Photshop. For viewing these files it will be best to use preinstalled programs in your PCs, because majority of them can open them. If you want to use another program, let´s try GIMP that is for free.

We can convert png into the following formats