Raw image format (Olympus)

Raw image format (Olympus)
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Type of files called ORF is graphical format invented by Olympus. In practice it is remake of RAW file format, which was modified by Olympus. They upgraded it and use it in their devices. Format ORF has low compression ratio, however it can take pictures in high quality. In fact it takes exactly everything what is entering camera lens. Main advantage of this file format is that he contains some kind of header, which saves data about picture, but it also saves technical information about camera, which was used to take certain picture. There is also label known as „digital negatives”. That´s due these files save everything about the photographed object.

There are lots of programs allowing to open these files. To this category belongs AbleRawer, which can open many other variations of RAW format. We can also add Adobe Photoshop. If you want only to view these files you can download program by company Olympus – Olympus viewer 2. This program is available for Windows and Mac OS, which makes him invaluable.

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