Raw image format (Panasonics)

Raw image format (Panasonics)
File extension:

File type, which has extension .rw2 is file format created by Panasonic company. In fact its whole name is Panasonic Lumix Raw Image File. Basically it reminds RAW format, but it is modified by Panasonic for better use of all attributes of their cameras. The main advantage of it is that it can take high-quality photos. They are not edited by camera settings, they´re not even compressed. That leads to big sizes and that’s the reason of enormous size of files saved in this file format.

Opening these files can be achieved in several programs. First of all there is Adobe Photoshop, which can open almost every graphical format. Then there ix Corel PaintShop X6, which can edit and modify these files. Finally  we need to mention XnViewMP, which is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. For Windows we can also mention InfranVew. For only opening these files on Windows we can use program XnViewMP.

For its editing we need to use Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems, but it is only available in its paid version so you have to use 30 day trial version.

We can convert rw2 into the following formats