Raw image format (Sony)

Raw image format (Sony)
File extension:

File with .srf extension is format by Sony, which partially on their own modified RAW format for their own purposes. They used it in cameras marked as DSC –F828. When it is derived from FAW format, it means that it has a lot of advantages. First of all it has great quality, which causes enormous size of files. Then there is ability to save various settings, which can help you to edit photography.

To open files saved in this file format you can use one of many programs. The best known application is Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems. It offers various layouts that can be useful at finishing of RAW photo. The disadvantage is that it isn´t for free and there is available only 30 day trial. Next known program that allows both saving and viewing files is Able Rawer. Then there is application by Google, which is Google Picasa.

We can convert srf into the following formats